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Hello !

Welcome to your course dashboard! From this page you will access any and all courses that you have purchased.

For your convenience system we have included a quick refresher of how the LMS (learning management system) works on our site. For more information please refer to the FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

You can access any course, lesson or topic available to you, and don’t worry if you don’t finish a lesson, because when you come back to the site, you can continue right where you left of

The expandable course listed below can be accessed by either clicking on the course name or the triangular arrow, left of the course name.

How to navigate the courses:

•  Next Topic button, located at the bottom of every topic page, allows you to skip to the next topic.

•  Back to lesson button, located at the top of every topic page, allows you to return to lesson syllabus page with the lesson introduction at the top of the page.

•  Previous Topic button, located at the bottom of every topic page, allows you to return to a previous topic.

To complete your certificate, you will need to complete all the tests (labeled as “The Assessment and Take Away”) and have read all lessons and topics of the course.

Not all courses will have assessments and take aways.  You do need to review all lessons and topics of the course to acknowledge completion.

This will be crucial to receiving your certificate at your My Account page.

If you have already visited at least one of your course pages,you will see a green resume button like the one below. When clicked, it will take you to where you left off.

Under Registered below, click on the triangle left of the course title.  That will expand the course to its perspective lessons and lesson topics.

Click Expand All below to view the full syllabus.

indicates completed course/lessonThe green check mark indicates whether you have completed lessons and/or topics.


indicates non completed course/lessonThe RED X marks indicates non completion of a lesson and or topic.