EAAcourses.com has been updated!

Hello everyone,

To enhance your learning experience, we have made EAAcourses.com website inclusive to all mobile devices and easier for the student.  To start the new year we have added Professional Ethics to our course list.  This course provides a guide to ethical decision making and understanding the differences between protective and bullying attorneys.

Equal Access Advocates presents our Affiliate Program.  Any course you purchase automatically registers you to be an affiliate member able to sell our courses and receive compensation.  To begin, click the Enroll Now menu option and purchase a course or click the Become An Affiliate menu option and register.

Equal Access Advocates presents:  The Community Discussion website ADA.EAAcourses.com

To sign in, you will need the username and password you are currently using for EAAcourses.com.  It will prompt you to reset your password.  That password change is only for the Community Discussion website.  Your password on EAAcourses.com stays the same.  The Community Discussion website is private and only used for those registered with EAAcourses.com.  There are NO ads, NO commercials, NO pop-ups and NO distractions.  This is a private website and not meant for the public.

This website also provides a way to connect with registered users and communicate privately.

We will have a series of forum topics to get you started.

Please visit:  ADA.EAAcourses.com